Mau Y Ricky

Mau Y Ricky

Mau y Ricky are composed of the Venezuelan born brothers, Mauricio (Mau) and Ricardo (Ricky) Montaner. This singer-songwriter Latin pop duo, nominated for a 2017 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Song of the Year, have released their latest singles, “Mi Mala”, “Mal De La Cabeza”, “22”, and "Japonesa".

Mau y Ricky were inspired to pursue music at an early age by their father, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner. As song composers Mau y Ricky have written successful songs in a wide range of styles and have worked with an extensive catalog of Latin music artists including Thalia, Leslie Grace, Miguel Bose, Diego Boneta, Cristian Castro and Ricky Martin.

Mau Y Ricky Official Videos

Watch all of their new videos and your favorites by Mau y Ricky streaming on YouTube. Includes their official video "Mi Mala" (Remix) featuring Karol G, Leslie Grace, Lali and Becky G.

Mau y Ricky - 22 (Official Video)