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Mau Y Ricky Me Enamora

Mau y Ricky - Me Enamora (Official Video)

Mau Y Ricky Official Videos

Watch all of their new videos and your favorites by Mau y Ricky streaming on YouTube. Includes their official video for "La Boca" with Camilo, "Desconocidos" with Manuel Turizo & Camilo as well as, "Mi Mala" (Remix) featuring Karol G, Leslie Grace, Lali, and Becky G.

Mau Y Ricky

Mau y Ricky are composed of the Venezuelan born brothers, Mauricio (Mau) and Ricardo (Ricky) Montaner. This singer-songwriter Latin pop duo, nominated for a 2017 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Song of the Year, have released their latest album, 'Para Aventuras y Curiosidades' which includes some of their hit singles, "Desconocidos", “Mi Mala”, “Mal De La Cabeza”, “22”, and "Japonesa".

Mau y Ricky were inspired to pursue music at an early age by their father, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner. As song composers Mau y Ricky have written successful songs in a wide range of styles and have worked with an extensive catalog of Latin music artists including Manuel Turizo, Camilo, Thalia, Leslie Grace, Miguel Bose, Diego Boneta, Cristian Castro and Ricky Martin.